Subscription set to bill today, didn't, and now I have no channel guide

My channel guide is no longer appearing and it says I need to subscribe???  I already am subscribed.  It says last billed 9/27 next billed 10/27.  Today is 10/27 and you turned it off instead of billing me.  This is FUBAR guys, you need to fix this--whatever you re-occurring cycle is it doesn't work.  Which means scheduled items won't record, blah blah blah.

Call support, def faster:

555 Legget Drive, Tower B
Suite 836
Kanata, ON K2K 2X3
Phone: 613-454-5675
Support: 613-454-5615
or 1-844-TABLOTV (Toll free in the US & Canada )
Email: info @

You are right about that, I sent an email and they fixed it within 5 minutes!

@django363 Glad we could help :slight_smile:

Well you helped but the same thing happened once again.  

This is a pretty significant defect.  Not automatically billing is causing me to have to contact you to bill me, and additionally, during that time the premium feature is disabled, no shows record.

This is about as basic as I can think.  If the renewal is on 11/27, then you need to renew it on 11/27 12:00 AM my time or the feature is gone.


Just pay for a year it’s cheaper.

@theuser86 just pay life time, even cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish I had done that instead of the year

My subscription didn’t renew tonight and it quit recording Once upon a time in the middle. Seems the billing system needs to be fixed.

I’m not setting up my life time subscription until it feels like the device is out of alpha status. There is still no official hard drive listing. The amount of bugs remains high. Items like a working EPG and other basic features that should have been there since day one. I spend a lot of money for a device that mostly sits powered off, waiting for the day that the device seems stable.


If you were that dissatisfied from Day 1 you had 30 days to return it. Why gamble that much money for a product that may never meet your expectations?

Mine was set to come out as well and was late and my Tablo never refreshed showing I had a guide subscription so it started missing series recordings.  I had to manually go into Tablo and refresh the subscription status to sync it all back up.

@theuser86 Because I think it shows promise and despite the issues I have with it, I do believe that the TabloTV people care and are trying to make it better.

@Angus We do care - very much. We take user feedback of all sorts very seriously. 

We’re still investigating subscription renewal now - this doesn’t seem to effect everyone, just a few ‘edge’ cases for some reason. That said, we understand that it’s a high priority issue, and we’re treating it that way.


Angus was not mentioning problems with subscription renewal. He was complaining about features that he wanted yesterday and many bugs he has encountered.

But for everyone else, glad to know subscription renewal issues will be fixed. When my subscripton renews in a year I hope it’s problem free. Thanks for all the hard work!


@theuser86 just pay life time, even cheaper :-P

Not paying for the year because they can’t figure out how to bill monthly.  My choice.

My subscription is paid up, but Tablo says I don’t have one and refresh button is worthless. Any news on this issue? I’ve been without service for a few days now.

@bradcfi open a ticket with Tablo at

Call Customer Service