Subscription required for Web App?

New Tablo user here. I am trying to use the Web App but my only option is to manage subscription. I’ve not decided which way I am going with the subscription and still on the trial.

Is a subscription required to use the Web App? If not, can someone show me how to get past the manage subscription prompt?

Thanks in advance.

Did you go to the web site where you manage your account?

The Tablo web app is accessible from the following web site:

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Yes, that is the URL I’m using.

This is the Settings screen.

Edit: You should be able to click on the menu in the top left corner.

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Chrome. That’s where I end up after selecting the Web App link from the home page of I select the Web App link, I get a connecting screen and then it ends up at the screenshot I posted.

Looks like it’s a Chrome issue. When I use Edge or Firefox it works except I’m not getting any audio on FireFox. I’ll keep sorting this out. Thanks for your help.

The screen shot just barley shows a hit of a bit more just “my only option”. Not that drive capacty is an option there’s the check box for Auto-Delet Recordings. So you might be on the setting tab and mis-interputing what you see.

But as @sgnadeau points out, there should be a menu option in the upper left - the stacked bars, looks like may you have a “gear”.

A subscription is only “required” for guide date, and extra recording options, adding features making tablo easier to use. (if you’re still undecided, you can subscribe) monthly and not jump for the life all at once)

“Usually” the first web app screen is the Primetime tab from what I recall, but who knows for sure, maybe this is just a friendly reminder.

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If you have the Surround Sound option ON, you only have audio with the Edge browser.

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do you have a muted icon in it’s tab?

Firefox has setting to keep noise from “bothering” you.

Settings, Privacy & Security, Auto Play [ Settings ]

Default for all websites Allow Audio and Video | Block Audio | Block Audio and Video

If you can otherwise play audio from other sites

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Thanks guys, problem solved. The Chrome problem was a cookie issue, it wanted chocolate and I was giving it peanut butter and the audio issue was in fact the surround setting.

Thanks again, I really appreciate the fast response and help.

As you may have noticed, Firefox does an excellent job with you tablo. Tablo Apps & Compatible Devices only notes:

  • Not fully supported on all browsers - optimized for Chrome and Safari

Not that it’s “officially” what you can use or others don’t work. I have notices some filters missing :frowning: Like Recordings sorted Most Recent, for example. But you get the Picture In Picture built in - if that’s what you want, and the privacy settings! (of course the tablo will still tell them what you’re doing)

Windows has a tablo app that works flawlessly. It is free.

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Thank you very much!

I didn’t pay anything for my flawlessly functioning browser either.

Well there’s the “hidden” cost of paying for Windows to have access to the Microsoft Store and all your personal information and privacy that goes with it :neutral_face: