Subscription details are not availabe

When I go to my tablo settings, with the Tablo app on my PC
and click on “My Subscription”, the tablo says “Subscription Details are not available”.
So no commercial fast forward, etc.

But if I log onto my Tablo account with a web browser, the account says I have a valid premier subscription through August 2021.

How do I get my tablo to recognize the features I’ve paid for with my subscription?

The problem is that the Windows 10 Tablo app is not able to display that information.

You should be able to confirm your subscription status if you use another Tablo app.

The question is whether the Win10 app doesn’t support commercial skip in general, or does it not support commercial skip because it doesn’t know the subscription status. I think it is the first case, so if you want to use commercial skip on a computer, you will need to use Edge or Chrome.

You need to use the web app via a browser, Edge, Chrome or Firefox and possibly others.

  • Not fully supported on all browsers - optimized for Chrome, Safari, and the latest version of Microsoft Edge

optimized not limited to. Firefox does have some filters missing, but has much of the function.

Yes, it’s listed as recommended -

We Recommend
Any PC or MAC computer running Chrome or Safari with a sufficient video card for playing high quality video will work with the Tablo web app

along with a “sufficient video card”! Unless you’ve build a gaming PC, it’s unlikely you have a video card. Virtually all PCs/laptops have integrated graphics with the CPU. So that statement, I view as a “sounds good” stuff. Unless your Win 10 system has a video card aka discrete video. (which is possible)

Actually isn’t the PC is running an OS?