Subpar tuner on RF channel 3

I understand now that splitting the signal can reduce signal strength but I am not convinced that this tuner is as good as my TVs tuner. My new SPVR2-02-NA Tablo behaves the same as my old 2-tuner Tablo in regards to RF channel 3 reception ( channel 33-1 ME TV NY metro area ). During a channel scan channel 3 would not be recognized unless I use my most powerful antenna amplifier. All the while my TV picks up channel 3 fine. I would like to know if others have trouble getting reception on certain channels.

oh, and here it was that I thought it was just me who couldn’t get channel 33 (aka, VHF channel 3)

the other day, when it was POURING down rain, it came in perfectly, now that it’s bright and sunny, it’s gone again.

Low-VHF. 1-Edge, 2-edge, and/or tropospheric signal?