Sub channels not coming in

Just now, I am not getting most sub channels, only the main ones. It keeps saying weak antenna signal. Yet, when I check signal strength directly on tv tuner, all channels, including subs, show 5 bars/full strength. Anyone else have these issues? I have a 1 month old Quad with internal hd.

Well, I unplugged Tablo for 15 minutes then plugged it back in. All channels are back. Before, it would not even let me rescan channels but now it does. :thinking:

Something screwy, they’re broadcast all together on the same frequency

Hope it doesn’t become a regular thing for you… the plugging/unplugging, then it doesn’t actually fix anything.

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Ok, it started breaking up really bad again on Decades sub channel. Found out when I went to tv tuner directly just now, it was doing the same thing even tho signal strength was 5 bars. Must be some atmospheric interference of some sort. At least it doesn’t appear to be a Tablo issue.