Sub-channels More Watched

I was looking at our Tablo recordings from the past year and realized that 80% of them come from the sub-channels. We rarely look at the majors (CBS, NBC, ABC & FOX). Our viewing is mostly streaming packages plus sub-channels with a program from the majors thrown in every so often.

If we lost 5.1 we wouldn’t care that much; we value 5.2 and 5.3 much more! And yet when I built up my antenna system a few years ago, it was with the majors in mind. Now we watch 34.1 which isn’t a major much more these days along with its sub-channels.

Interesting - not many subchannels here in Canada.

I watch 7.4 the most, which is METV. It has MASH, Mama’s Family, Emergency, Hogan’s Heroes, Star Trek, CHiPS. Also COZITV which has Quincy.

7.2 is Movies! Full length but commercials.

GRIT has Walker Texas Rangers and Western movies.

Newsy, CBSN, PlutoTV, NEWSON for streaming channels.

I’ll record shows from Antenna TV as well. I want to mention GetTV. Their programming ideas have changed since their inception, hour long dramas and 60’s and 70’s sitcoms are shown more often than movies now. Like TV Land when it started, they moved to more original programming. If they don’t feel like they are getting enough viewers, then major changes.