Stuttering during playback

I’m a new Tablo owner and loving it so far. Having a problem though I’d like some help with.

My setup is a wired Roku 2 xs and occasionally I’ll watch a show and it wii consistently freeze up and start buffering at the same pay of the show. However watching the same part on my laptop over WiFi is fine.

Is your Tablo hard wired too?

Maybe a bitrate problem?  Are you using the Roku setting option? (under Recording Quality)

Yes, my Tablo is hard wired too.  Only thing in between them is a small 5 port switch (Gigabit).  I can try plugging directly into my Roku and bypassing the switch but I need the extra ports long term.

I'm using the highest quality setting.  So that might have something to do with it.  Was just hoping to be use that setting with a wired setup.

Yes please try the 720p Roku / Chromecast quality.

Was this issue resolved?