Stuck at end of recording

New user here. Got my “refurbished” Quad 1 TB on 7/14. In quotes because it came with a bad PS and no 30-day guide trial (working that with support). Even without the enhanced guide, I found it easy to set up a recording and it knew how to name it since I picked it from the live guide screen. The problem came when I watched the recording the next day. I let it go to the end to see if I’d get a “delete” option like with DirecTV. Instead, what I got was a dark blank screen. None of the buttons on the Roku did anything to get me back to any part of the user interface. I was just stuck with the blank screen. Well, one button worked, the Roku home button. Once there, I could re-invoke the Tablo app, go to recordings and tell it to delete, which seemed like a cumbersome process. What do you do at the end of a recording to efficiently delete it and stay within the app (rather than a dead dark screen)?

This is a known Roku bug, I get it sporadically and have just learned to hit the home button when it happens (just like you described). Not sure when/if Roku will fix (I’m assuming it’s a Roku player problem).

There have been some weird bugs with Roku OS12. YouTube will often go blank trying to exit.

I don’t get that with the Tablo app on Roku but it happens with another app under certain circumstances. It’s VERY frustrating but I don’t really know who is at fault. I have not seen a similar bug on any app on FireOS so it may be a Roku thing.