Strong signal when antenna hooked to tv, but not when hooked to tablo

when the antenna is hooked directly to the tv signals are strong, when i then hook it to the tablo, 3 of the channels become too weak to show…

any thoughts…

What is the make and model of your antenna?

Is it amplified?

Antenna Direct DB4e Extended Range HDTV Antenna Ultra high gain 60 degree beamwidth.

it is amplified thru this device to get the strong signal to each tv.

Channel Master 3414 (CM-3414) 4 port 4 way distribution amplifer (drop amp) giving an 8 dB gain on all ports.

You may need a preamp in addition to your distribution amp. Preferably as close to your antenna as possible. I had a similar issue, installed the RCA Outdoor Preamplifier model TVPRAMP1Z. That fixed it for me.

That or the distribution amplifier is over driving the Tablo tuners if the OP is close to the broadcast towers.

Sometimes the tuner is better in the TV than Tablo. If you are running to a TV, you are only using one feed. When you run the same cable to a Tablo, you are using 2 to 4 feeds (i.e. the signal is split and weakened).

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