Streaming Connection Issues Away From Home

I’m having trouble streaming live TV away from home. iPad seems to have plenty of buffer according to the white line, yet it pauses for periods of 20-60 seconds. Sometimes it just freezes and I have to exit to guide and rejoin channel. Skipping ahead 30 sec takes care of the issue for several minutes most of the time then it hangs again like a web page that can’t connect to a server. I’ve experienced this issue on several wifis away from home. One in particular is my office with a 50 mbps download speed.

I have Tablo set to upload 720 at 1.5 mbps. My upload capacity is 10 mbps at home so bandwidth shouldn’t be a problem. Apple TV performs fine on the same vacation home wifi (FOXNOW, Netflix, AOLon, etc all fine) so the problem seems just Tablo related.

Why might I be getting this connection problem? If I clear it up I can ditch cable at the office, but as it is now, Tablo offsite streaming is only a nusiance that craps out after several minutes of video.

As a test drop your remote streaming quality and see how it behaves. I have my remote streaming quality set to 750kbps and have no issues thus far.

I dropped quality to 750 kbps - no hangs. Upped to 1 mbps and no problems. Each test was 20 minutes. Then, I switched back to 1.5 mbps for 20 minutes and no problem. Could the switching have helped? Maybe my home upload was not really 10 mbps last night? I don’t know yet, but thanks for the tip.

On a 40" screen, 750 kbps is usable but very bad pic, 1 mbps acceptable, 1.5 mbps a touch grainy but definitely good enough to ditch office cable and save $80 a month!