Streaming Apps For Tablo

I know that this will probably never happen but it would be nice if Tablo would allow you to download other streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Sling TV, etc from their app. I guess they figure if you are using a roku or firestick you can just watch them off of those devices. Oh well just a thought

Do you mean make recordings of Netflix content to your Tablo? If yes, that will never be possible.

No not recordings. Just be able to watch them on the Tablo app

While it might be “nice”, the architecture of the Tablo really doesn’t allow for this. That is, unlikely without a totally new device/architecture.

If Tablo did ever start supporting the ability to watch various streaming services via the Tablo device that would basically turn the device into to a Roku or FireTV type box. Don’t think Tablo is interested in entering/competing in that market.

That’s like saying I wish I could watch Netflix on my YouTube app or Gmail on my Amazon app. Apps should have one main purpose.


Yes I need one app to rule them all (sarcasm).

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