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So I’m streaming this terrific movie Donny Brasco on Crackle. 15 minutes in and only one commercial so far. Now it’s 40 mins and the commercials seem to be popping up every 10 minutes. I’ve been suckered. Try to fast forward. No can do. They have FF blocked. Can’t hack it anymore and try switching to my PC. FF enabled and no more commercials for an hour or so right up to the end of the movie. WTF?

Yup, that’s Crackle.
It doesn’t cost you money, but it will cost you time being forced to watch all those commercials.

Cable does that as well. They’ll even take out part of movies that are rebroadcast so they can fit more commercials in.

I hear that. Thing is when I switched over to my PC I could FF and no more commercials. Weird. The “MOVIES” channel doesn’t edit out parts of the movie to make room for commercials.

Movies! Which is 7.2 in Austin says they don’t edit movies. Of course they are older movies. They have commercials but still full movie.

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Let’s say you’re watching a movie on Get, Grit, or whoever, that originally ran 2 HRS in theaters. Figuring at least 20 mins of commercials out of a 2 hour time slot leaves just one hour 40 mins of original 2 hour movie. That sucks. It’s not just the fact that you’ve been shortchanged, what it does is leave you with a mucked up mess of what used to be a movie.
The Movie channel doesn’t adhere to the sacred 2 hour time slot and they don’t edit for commercials so the same movie with commercials would run 2 hrs and 20 minutes. Zip thru those mind numbing 20 minutes and you’re viewing the original complete full length movie right up to the ending credits. Yep they’re oldies like the others but some are classics worth watching again (after 25 years or so) in their entirety.

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Most TV shows today have between 19 and 22 mins of commercials every hour. That why we love our Tablo. We can watch 3 hrs of TV in 2 hrs!!


Read my post to Beastman on this topic. Anyone want to bid on my 3 dozen VHS tapes of recorded TV shows and movies? (yes, kidding)

All stations with the exception of Movies! edits movies to put in commercials and to fit in alloted time.

Another trick tv stations sometimes do is to speed up the movie slightly so they can fit in more commercials. Don’t think the cablecos can do this unless they have the ability to warp the space-time continuum.

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My Galaxy S7 has a video option that you can film a bunch and show it fast. Don’t ask me how the Samsung magic works, but they demoed it at a Samsung Experience workshop