Strange Recordings on 1 channel only

We’ve seen some strange recordings on our local CBS affiliate recently. When we start to watch it it goes in fast motion with fast sound and artifacts and green strips on the screen. I know it is not the reception as I can actually see the tower from my house. It happened when trying to record an episode of 48 Hours and also an episode of Amazing Race from last night. It is CBS Affiliate WWMT Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids Michigan. It doesn’t happen on all recordings from that channel, just every once in a while. It is a 1080 channel. Any ideas on why this may be happening?

When the Family Guy-Simpsons crossover episode aired a couple of weeks ago, I was watching it live using an antenna connected to my TV.  It had no problems at all.  Later I went back to look at the Tablo recording of it, and it was like you just described (fast motion and fast sound, like it missed a lot of frames).   Recording the Simpsons an hour earlier on the same channel had no problems.

That is really the only time I have had that happen, and I was able to record a repeat a week later. Nothing else was recording at the time, though a show on another channel had just finished before this one started.
@markhag Has this happened more than once? Or just for the one recording? Pixelation/video corruption can happen during a storm, inclement weather, etc.

If this doesn't seem to be the case, and you can reproduce it on the Tablo, try removing the coax and attaching it to your TV. Is the corruption visible there, too?

@markhag - I saw something like this a long time ago - I guessed it was related to reception errors.  I spent some time reorienting my antenna and now no longer have the problem.