Strange Issue with router

I have been using Tablo for so long and never had this issue. Even now I am not sure if it is Tablo which is creating it but the evidence seems to be it.

For the past two days right after it was trying to update the guide my router gets locked up. When I woke up in the morning none of my system was able to connect to the internet. I did a router reset and everything started to work. At this time I did not know what was the issue. It happened again yesterday morning too.

Then yesterday night I realized that my guide never got updated for the past 2 days. Then I did a manual update and this time the guide got updated but my router got blocked again right after the update. So now I am not sure if it is a coincidence or the tablo locking the router. Has this happened to anyone else?

@girimurthy The Tablo makes calls to our guide data provider in order to request for guide data updates. It does this overnight, but it sounds like the calls are failing. 

We’ve seen happen one or twice with routers with some tight security, but we’ve never heard of it actually locking up the router. 

That part shouldn’t happen - it just should block the request. Who’s your ISP and what kind of router are you using? Feel free to send these details to me directly.