Strange issue with reception, can humidity impact reception?

I have an indoor antenna. normally I get all channels with no issue. This morning it was 79 Deg out, 70% humidity and I noticed moisture on the windows and outside of the house. The odd thing was that I Could get NO channels at all. 2 hours later, no change to the setup, just the sun burned off the damp walls, all channels were back! has anyone else with indoor antenna experience this type of issue?

I’m in an area where the HOA does not allow outdoor antennas. (They must have stock in the local cable company)

Your HOA cannot ban you from putting up an outdoor antenna. There is plenty of information online discussing this. Here are some examples:

Yes, high heat and\or high humidity affect reception.

While the HOA can’t “ban” outdoor antennas, they can place rules that are a bit of a pain. They must allow you to have a reasonable setup to pickup local TV stations. Interpretation of that rule is kind of vague.

That being said, if you decide to fight the HOA, it could literally take years in court to prove you are right, and if you have to move during the court battle, you would have to pay the fines in order to sell the house.

If the board of directors is unreasonable in their approach, one thing you might try is an attic antenna. Instead of fighting my HOA, I simply mounted a ClearStream 4MAX from Antennas direct in the attic. I get all the stations I want and more. A huge improvement over any indoor antenna I tried. If you are close (within 30-40 miles of the towers), the 2MAX may even work for you.

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The burden of proof rests with the HOA. This is clearly stated in the OTARD. During any dispute you are allowed to have your antenna and if the HOA does win their case (which is unlikely) then you would have 21 days to remove the antenna.

That said, I agree that an attic antenna might be the path of least resistance…

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Thanks, MarkKindle for that information.
As for the Attic antenna, I actually tired the ClearStream 2 max with same issues as the indoor antenna. Most days it is perfect, other days I will get some but not all.
It was just odd that I got no channels at all this morning. All is well now. I guess some days I will have to do without the local news in the morning. Wished the Tablo displayed the signal strength rather than having to wait watching the spinning circle before it says signal too weak!

I find this an interesting topic as I too have been having reception problems for the last couple of days in the morning. I live in Texas and the temperatures have been in the low to mid 70s right at sunrise and the humidity has been very high. My stations are 60 miles away and I have a Televes long range antenna. Most of the time I get really good reception but for the last couple of days have been losing all reception in the morning for a couple hours then they all come back again as strong as ever. This only seems to happen in the summer. Could this really be caused by humidity?


Without getting into the “legal arguments” (I am not a lawyer - nor to I play one on TV), an HOA can restrict the size of the antenna and placement of the antenna. For example, if a 2" X 2" antenna place at the rear of the home is capable of receiving the local channels reliably, that can place that restriction on the property. They can also place restrictions that include it can’t be “higher than the peak of the roof”.

The HOA only has to have the policy. They can enforce the policy with fines, which if a owner refuses to pay, continues to add up, with legal fees, late fees and even court costs related to non-payment. Often it can take 3-6 months to get a court date, and in that time, a lot of fees can add up.

The home owner would have to demonstrate that the HOA’s regulations are too strict to get reliable reception.

Personally, I don’t see why an HOA would object to a small outdoor antenna (about the same size as a satellite dish). I can see then arguing the point of having a 6’ antenna on top of a 60’ tower.

The board of directors should be able to have a reasonable discussion as to how to accommodate reasonable reception - as courts can often be costly, especially when lawyers get involved. And there is always the option of voting them out of the position(s) - possibly even running for office to get rid of them.

The real question is if the restrictions are written in the CCRs that are recorded in the county, and were provided to the homeowner prior to the owner closing on the home. And how it is worded as well. Unfortunately, many board members don’t know the law, or simply ignore it as a power thing.

I thought Texas was a dry state ( for Humidity :grin:)

Maybe in WEST Texas. I live in extreme East Texas and our humidity is almost always high.


South Texas you can watch the water droplets bead up on your arm, yet it’s sunny.

yup, Google says heat and humidity together will impact digital TV reception. Its on the Internet, must be true.
Oh, and I am renting, so don’t want to rock the boat

During the summer, especially from 9:00PM - 9:00AM, the humidity in Texas allows me to receive stations from Houston (220 miles away) and San Antonio (130 miles away), and ironically, it impacts the reception of several stations in Austin (I live just north of Austin).

Between the repack, ATSC 3.0 upgrades and the weather, my antenna setup drove me crazy. Once I thought I had things fixed, something else happened…LOL.


Do you have an indoor or outdoor antenna? (That is, an outdoor antenna may not help)

As I said earlier, I have an outdoor Televes Long Range Antenna. Mounted approximately 20 ft up. I am between 60-65 miles from the transmitter towers. And they are Southeast from my location.


I’m about 45 to 50 miles away from towers to my north and the same distance to towers to my south. I have 2 Televes long range mix outdoor antennas precisely aimed in both directions. When I first set them up several years ago my reception was phenomenal. Then the repack happened and nothing has been the same. For the most part I still get good reception but some of the channels that were my strongest (100%) most of the time have become the most challenging. I’ve played around with my setup with no success. And now in the summer months with leaves on trees, the weather, the atmosphere, etc, etc there are a few channels that are always hit or miss. We’ve learned to live with it. It’s warm, humid and windy today and 2 channels are not coming in. And several others are fading in and out. Always channels to my south.

What is this referring to? Also, as JIMA indicated that he is on an outdoor antenna, I see an indoor or outdoor antenna would make no difference in this situation. Blame it on climate change!

Do a search for Spectrum Repack.

LOL, today it was in the upper 80’s with dew points in the low to mid 70’s and windy. Heat index in the low 100’s. Miserable dripping wet sweaty weather. TV reception was excellent. Judge Judy episodes on one of the problem channels recorded with no interruptions. I was surprised. Monday and Tuesday when it was much nicer out all Judge Judy episodes on the same channel failed due to weak signal.