Strange hang / timeout behaviour

I have had a strange issue with my 2 tuner TabloTV, that I have reproduced over the last two days. I am currently utilizing the TabloTV app on the 2015 Amazon Fire TV.

I usually like to have the TV on in the background while I am working, so I select one of the local channels, and let it play. As I am working, I eventually notice the TV is quiet, and when I check the TV, all I see is a blank/black screen. (I can’t really say how long the TV is playing before this happens. I don’t usually watch what is on, just like to have background noise.) If I use the remote and hit any button, I will get a picture that appears to just be frozen, and hitting play/pause will not do anything. If I exit out of the live channel back to the guide, everything works fine, and the guide is correct from a time perspective. (i.e. the screen seems to freeze on a program that happened in the past, and the guide is current). If I select the same, or different channel, everything works fine.

So far this has happened twice. I am going to try again tomorrow and pay a little more attention to when it pauses/freezes.

I am using the latest firmware.


Is it possible that some scheduled recordings came up and the Tablo needed the tuner that was in use for the channel you were watching?

I thought about that, but these all occurred during the day, and my only recordings are in the evening. I also thought about possible single issues, but I don’t think that is it. I have great quality on every channel (only am tuning in a small number of the 60 I get), and even when it is snowing or raining outside the signal is great.

So I have done some additional testing. It seems that I get this hang/timeout behaviour after about 2 - 3 hours. It almost seems as if the Tablo is buffering the video, and the buffer runs out? Is that how the Tablo works?

When the screen is blacked out, if I touch any button, the picture will come back up, but it is paused. If I hit the pay/pause button it seems like the video will restart.

Any ideas?