Strange behavior with surround sound on Sony X900f with AndroidTV

I get a strange behavior with surround sound on Sony X900f with AndroidTv:

  • My TV runs Android TV
  • I also have a Nivdia Shield (running the latest AndroidTV version, same as tv) that is connected via HDMi to the TV.
  • The Tv is is connected to a Pioneer Amplifier using Spdif optical cable.
  • Both of them have the Tablo Preview app installed.
  • On my Tablo, Surround sound is enabled.

When viewing live or recorded shows with Tablo Preview app using the Nvidia Shield, i have surround sound
But when using the Tablo Preview app from my Sony Android TV, i only get sound in stereo.

Since the sound nvidia goes through the Sony Android Tv and then to the amplifier, both devices should output sound in surround.

Does anybody with a Sony AndroidTv have the same behavior ? Is it a bug ?

I have a Sony Android tv that also will not output 5.1 sound via optical out as well.

Did you ever resolve this?

I assume you are using the Tablo app that is installed on the Sony Android TV?

I believe you’ll find that the optical out is 2 channel.

Well optical out from an HDMI input source is likely capable of 5.1 AC3 (surround sound) audio like the OP said (most TVs are capable of this), however it is the optical out from the Tablo app on the TV that is in question.

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Can’t get blood from a stone.

Don’t have the problem anymore.

I think it was solved by a firmware update on the TV, but i am really not sure.

Also, my setup is different now, so i can’t confirm: I don’t use a Pioneer receiver using Spdif anymore. The TV is connected to a SoundBar using hdmi.

Trust me, HDMI made all the difference.

An optical output and optical cable does support pass through of 5.1 AC3 audio, so in theory in should work depending on the settings on the TV.

Not usually. Where are you getting this information from? Usually restricted to 2 channel pcm. Usually you have to use HDMI. I’d say optical systems that allow this are the exception and not the rule.

I had an issue with a Sony TV a few years back. After reporting it to Sony CS, they told me that the optical out only worked with the tuner. Audio from streaming apps was not sent to the optical out.

Yes the Tablo app installed on the TV I have also tried the Preview app with no luck.
I have also downloaded a recording off the Tablo using the ota2GO app, and played it back using the kodi app on the TV and it played with 5,1 sound just fine.

That may be true on older TV’s like my panasonic plasma. but this one has always worked until now!
I get 5.1 sound from my PS4 (with HDMI to the TV and optical out to the Receiver)
also get 5.1 from the amazon prime app, Kodi, and sony’s Video app.
The VUDU app used to work but not any more.

I have a 75" Sony bravia 4K(2015) TV and a Yamaha RX-V630 Receiver (it may be old but it works great until now)

I was on the phone for an hour today with sony’s ‘escalated’ support team they even connected to the TV remotely.
They finally gave up and told me to do a factory reset and update the firmware on my receiver and/or contact Yamaha support!

Thank you too everyone for your comments.