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I have a 2 TB internal drive in my Tablo Quad. Typically I normally don’t have enough used space to care but I have been recording a nightly program for several months now and currently at 55 recordings of a 1 hour show. The Tablo is still showing I have 1.91 TBs of space remaining.

So my question does Tablo show the actual space remaining calculating usage or just total space the drive has? Surely after 55 1 hour recordings that would take up quite a bit of drive space and it would show less available.

Are you using an Android TV device?
I ask because for me on my Nvidia Shield with a 4TB hard drive attached it shows 4TB remaining. Which means I have used zero bytes! Obviously not true.
But on Roku/Android Phone/Web Browser it shows that I have 3.5 TB remaining.

I get the same thing whether looking via my Web Browser from my PC or viewing the Tablo directly through a Roku device. I understand a 2 TB drive formatted will show less available than the full 2 TB.
The Tablo doesn’t appear to reflect the “used” space on the drive.

Hi @BamaInArk,

It depends somewhat on the recording quality you have your Tablo set at under Settings, but in general the amount of space remaining you have sounds about right. With 2TB, you should have space for approximately 1400~ hours of recordings (again, depending on the recording quality you have set), so 55 hours used lines up fairly closely with 1.91/2TB.

So what would be the explanation for the attached images?
One shows 500 GB used, the other shows 0 GB used.

Web Browser

Android TV

Might just be the Android, my Roku Expresses agree with windows 10 app.

Its likely due to rounding numbers and 1k as 1000 vs 1024

One pic shows the advertised size as 4TB while the other looks likely total space available at 3.84GB.

Since show are recorded from different channels with different resolutions there isn’t a one-size-fits-all for how much space a single program uses (it’s not just a couple files each)

Maybe someone used and int where a float should have been.

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