Storage required for live TV?

I just added a new tablo. Some of the channels I try to watch say no stoarge avail. Is storage required when I dont want to record and just want to watch live tv?

Tablo DUAL LITE, and 4-Tuner OTA DVRs do not offer any onboard recording storage and require a compatible USB hard drive (again up to 8TB) to be connected for both for watching live TV and recording. Tablo QUAD also requires a compatible USB hard drive for storage when NOT using an optional SATA drive. Tablo DUAL LITE also supports Tablo’s Cloud DVR Service.

I have the 64gb cloud trial… should that work?

The cloud trial is for recordings, not live TV. Record a show to the cloud, then once it is done recording, watch the show.

See link below. I quote:

“Tablo DUAL LITE, and 4-Tuner OTA DVRs do not offer any onboard recording storage and require a compatible USB hard drive (again up to 8TB) to be connected for both for watching live TV and recording.”

Also more information about the cloud DVR service:

I suppose the official answer is yes. But not necessarily. I have a Tablo Dual Lite while troubleshooting reboot issues (signal vs drive) I disconnected my external storage and it’s capable of watching live. I can’t confirm if or how long you can pause or continuously watch. Again, this is not how it’s advertised to work.

Changing channels with external storage, will continue so “record” the previous channel for a period of time. Why some work, some don’t, speculation, tuners in use, live TV setting exceeds internal memory/storage capacity… that’s just not how it’s designed to work.

Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVR Has 8 GB Flash - which I vaguely recall reading can be used for live TV. Presumably in conjunction with Cloud DVR (so and not to limit “live” with up/down internet traffic)

Yes, that will work for now, though I recommend getting a hard drive since the cloud service now has a fee associated with it. You can watch live TV and record TV with just the cloud trial.

Although I do tend to agree with you, Cloud DVR service may benefit some users more than other. Considering the the investment some seem to have made in equipment, a few dollars might not be the deciding factor.

It’s apparent not everyone has the same understandings of technology.
It won’t (or shouldn’t) break down, or need replaces.
If you’re a watch-and-delete, massive storage isn’t necessary.
Just one more thing not to worry about - wanting to turn it off every night

Sorry, after reading Tablo Cloud DVR Service, no where beyond “without the need to connect a USB hard drive for storage.” do they list any advantages to using Cloud DVR :shrug: No features, advantages, benefits or why you’d be happy with it. Ok - ready to record right out of the box.

…sorry for any inconvenience

You listed some advantages, and if $5 a month doesn’t bother the user, then it might be fine. Here are my 3 biggest disadvantages.

  1. $5 month fee. A dedicated hard drive will pay for itself in a year or less.

  2. A lot more data usage. All recording are going out to the cloud and you have to bring them back to watch them. (This can be mitigated by reducing the quality and/or limiting how much you use it).

  3. Can’t use commercial skip (though that might change at some point).

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You know I don’t disagree with you, those were more suggestions than my advantages which I struck down when I couldn’t find any from tablo…

Here’s a thought. If that would be the direction for Hypothetical User - 64GB storage. Wouldn’t the Tablo DUAL 64GB OTA DVR be the ideal choice? Instead of the Cloud DVR service?

Presuming watch and delete, no archive. Moderate recording quality. If live TV on remote and mobile devices is primarily important, recording is convenience. Ready to go out of the box, no moving parts.

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