Storage is full retry playback

I can no longer watch live tv or record. I even deleted most of my recordings. However, I sill have the same problem. Is there anyone who can help me fix this problem? Thanks!

Try watching Live TV with no hard drive attached. If it works could mean your hard drive is having problems and might need to be replaced. Also try another USB cable if a USB hard drive.

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@TabloTV is this - live TV, no drive - also applicable for an HDMI tablo?

Thank you I will give that a try. Hope it’s not my hard. But if it is this should certainly let me know that is the case. Appreciate your reply.

I didn’t mention it in my first reply, but unplugging the Tablo for a minute or so could possibly clear the problem with the drive access.

Note that you should have the Tablo unplugged when removing or reconnecting the drive (not sure if that’s 100% necessary, but I’ve always done it that way).


That was my thought. A hard reboot solves a lot of problems.