Stops in the middle of a recording

I I had a couple recordings going, and both stopped at exactly the same time ( about 1:46 into a 4 hour recording ). Reopening the schedule for them did not restart them either. I ended up rebooting it ( it should have a software reboot somewhere, instead of having to grab a flashlight and get to the back of the unit ). Once it had restarted it figured out to start recording them again.

this is running 2.2.10

I didn’t notice until about an hour and 10 minutes had failed to record. I guess I should be happy it was a week 2 NFL games, not during the playoffs. After the random reboot issues on Roku playback last fall, if not recording on the Tablo is the thing this fall, then I may be close to done with Tablo, and I already set the money aside after last season.

How did you reboot the Tablo?
Press reset button, or power cycle it?
It makes a difference in the diagnosis.

I just hit the reset button.

My apologies for asking an unnecessary question.
You already stated you were reopening the schedule, which means the Tablo was not frozen.

I’d open a support ticket, since you have a very specific description of what happened: 2 recordings stopping at the same time, and continuing only after a reboot.

@John_Clark We’d be happy to take a look!

OK, it happened again. I setup a football game to record for 4 hours, and when I got a chance to watch it, it recorded 1 hour, 37 minutes, it was frustrating to not have the second half of the game … grrr

You’re not alone! This has happened to us as well.

And yet again, it stopped recording, and when I checked the tablo it claimed it was still recording, but the last bit of recorded content was over an hour earlier.

The truly frustrating part is that I have submitted multiple support tickets, and gotten absolutely ZERO response or acknowledgement. At this point, I want the current Roku front end, but the firmware in its current state makes this device randomly useless, which is a pretty awful statement for a DVR. The device side code from last fall was reliable, and recorded the shows I programmed, too bad there isn’t a way to downgrade. If there is I would love to know how.

I have submitted multiple tickets, and you guys always go radio silent. Over my 18 months using the device, I have gotten more “support” from the community than Tablo proper. Given that I use this to record football and nothing else, and this season, it manages to NOT record on average 1 in 4 games.

Hey @John_Clark, we got your ticket and we’re taking a look at your Tablo’s logs from our end. Besides this one, we’ve only got one ticket on file - unless you were using a different address? Anyway, we’re happy to help. We’re sorry if we’ve let you down in the past. We’ll get things fixed up.