Stop tethering to the internet. Ask permission before modifying scans

Cord cutting means no connection to the outside world unless the user agrees. Additionally, Tablo’s advertising states only that internet is required to access additional features.

Why don’t you list the apps and devices you expect to work in LAN only mode.

Yup, been discussed, and re-discussed. Pointless off-topics and… well sadly what cord cutting means to you, doesn’t mean the same to someone else. For others it may not even be a entirely a matter of cost in the end - well, yea cable/satellite but not “services”.

my LAN should be able to communicate within it’s self – app1 app2 app3 - device1 device2 device3

Internet access is a component of a local network, not the local network in it’s self? Unless that’s your goal or needs.

And for some devices the UI/OS doesn’t really work without the internet.

But the next time I have dinner with Jeff Bezos I’ll mention it to him.

I wasn’t talking about you’s or universally. Bezos’s Alexa devices don’t work in “LAN only mode” …I’m sorry, I’m having trouble understanding right now {red ring glow}

Hey Zippy.
Are you working for support? Man, you jumped on this immediately. Are you part of the feature committee?

I think more clarification is definitely needed. Otherwise, Tablo needs to make things “universal” over all situations. I would think that it would (eventually) be possible to have a Tablo that does manual (VCR like) recordings with no show meta data whatsoever without Internet.

Problems for Nuvyyo (Tablo):

  • Channel/guide updates (but possibly “ok” if stated that Internet is required for this).
  • Web UI which is a weird app thing that requires the Internet. Maybe something could be cached to the device itself?

Some end devices are better than others. Some are using an api style to get info off the Tablo that doesn’t require Internet. Would be nice for that to be “the way” everywhere. I think “then”, you could easily move toward “manual only” (VCR like) recording scheduling. Of course, there are many variables. So you have to handle the case of sometimes I’m “on” the Internet, and sometimes “off”. Where it’s important that I get a fuller experience while “on”. Yet somehow things don’t totally go south for stuff I did while “off”. If you think about it, you can see the complexities.

So, while is sounds oh so easy. Because this wasn’t how things were designed from the start, it could be painful to do.

But, certainly a valid feature request.

Tablo isn’t a direct connect device. It’s headless and thus dependent on various ethernet standards, device video player, etc.

Of course this has been talked about for a number of years.

When and if tablo produces a successful nvidia shield/androidtv product, users with various skill sets can hack away.

more like topic hijacker.

They do claim to listen to request, but for the most part they know what they’re doing. If you sort through some of the “top” several are marked COMPLETE, they never stop.

web UI requires an HTTP server… like the lightweight one on the tablo :neutral_face:

few minutes “overnight”… not for basic use. Well, maybe kind of… you need the info for scheduling.

sad truth… it was engineered for people with access to reliable high speed internet, who just discovered OTA programming and subscribe to OTT services as well. A large demographic, with disposable income… since dumping their cable/satellite subscription. That’s just a good business model.

Isn’t the tablo browser UI a cloud app. And if so it not only exists in the cloud but could be dependent on services that only exist in the cloud and not on any local stripped down http server.

It’s not a web page? loading ~2mb .js file? After it gets the local IP, aren’t all the art tile stored on, what you refer to a “local stripped down” server? My tablo stores all the pictures… the URLs all point to it. All the scheduling information is local, my tablo keeps it all, no cloud needed since I get my guide data downloaded every night.

Doesn’t your tablo browser UI just need to get the local IP and the complete page loaded one time?

Once a static javascript file loads aka web app – what services are you using that exist in your cloud? with browser UI?

Who decided that? Cord cutting means something completely different from one “cord-cutter” to another. Ask fifty people, you’ll get anywhere from 2 - 50 different answers / views. In my view, for example, hoisting an antenna up on the roof and plugging it into a Tablo is “cord-cutting”.

Somebody else may say “cord-cutting” is building a bunker underground and cutting off from civilization at large. For others, it simply means quitting cable and ordering up a fresh helping of Philo.

Considering this as “cord-cutting” - what do you suppose this person would answer to what “off-the-grid” means to them? :wink:

Curious, does anyone make a device that runs on a LAN and does not require internet access for core functionality?

There is a difference between uses the internet and requires the internet.

If you didn’t want a subscription and tablo stopped checking for a subscription, you were happy with the firmware and app releases(no updates), you could set the tablo time and you wanted to sandbox a Roku(s) away from internet you could probably make it work if you set up a LAN only router with it’s own DHCP server.

I was asking, based on the OP’s premise, if such a cord cutting device existed?
A device similar to Tablo but with no internet required to access OTA TV.

I envision this would be equivalent of a pure wired environment from the antenna to an amplified splitter to X number of TV sets. So I guess what the OP wants is that functionality (+DVR) but using their LAN.

Maybe devices like Homeworx (and there are lot of other cheapy devices out there).

I thought the question was can it be done and not who else does it.