Stop Tablo Sync function on my cell phones

Can Sync be removed or stopped on my cell phone Tablo App? Each time I want to look at the live TV menu or record a movie Tablo Sync function takes over and I can’t do anything with Tablo until the process finishes, 20 to 30 minutes later.

Are you using or the Tablo app? When I use the app on my Android phone it does sync at times, but only for a minute or two - nothing like what you described.

I am using the Tablo App for Android Phones.

Try using instead, maybe that will be an improvement. I used the web interface exclusively (phone and PC) up until Tablo announced that Chrome wouldn’t support web access any longer - but that was walked back.

Thank you for the input. I will try the web connection vs. the Tablo android app.

I can confirm works perfectly on my Android as long as I am in a location with adequate connection speeds. Using my cellular IP ( fully unlimited HD streaming plan) runs pretty smooth in most places where I live. Of course its not the same as being on someone’s remote LAN (connected via their wifi) running fiber!!