Stop others from using the Roku

I have roommates and they keep knocking off my shows that I want to record and hog the channels. How can I keep them from installing apps on their machines and taking over my Tablo? There needs to be an access key instead of install and use for anyone on the network or in some cases one roommate’s folks who are in another state, they stream to their house.

Roku or Tablo?

Edited my post thanks for the catch. It’s my Tablo. When I go to watch something it never has a free receiver and I have to pull the plug on it and plug it back in to get control again. They all have roku’s and the Tablo app on their PC’s and phones and there is no defense within Roku to prevent just anyone on the network from using it.

Control it at the router, but you have to be the only one who has admin privileges on the router.
Otherwise, if they’re on the same local area network, then anyone who can connect to that network can do what they’re doing.

Yea we are all on the same router from the cable company. Maybe I’ll fire off an email to the Tablo folks and see what they can do for controlling access.

There really isn’t any defense against jerks inside your household. The Tablo is designed to be as friendly and open as possible.

Create a Guest Network, put your Tablo on it and keep your password secret. That will keep others from “hogging your channels”. Tablo Support is excellent overall, but they are not able to intercede between full grown adults in a house somewhere, and they don’t do babysitting. Maybe Roku does.

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I think there’s a lot they should do! I thought, you could set the parental controls the the allow only the littlest-kid shows, with out the pass code. What? No parental controls on the tablos!?
I guess they get around the requirement since it’s just a tuner, not a television? TV and Parental Controls

All televisions larger than 13 inches and made since January 1st, 2000 are required to contain a “V-Chip,” which parents can use to block inappropriate programming.

(the second quote from ben1 is a bit out of context) If tablo was truly friendly, they should protect “the family” …and limit content between full grown adults, or some one who does need babysitting!
I have used streaming services, Amazon Video and Hulu(?) which have parental controls. So, sure tell tablo you have adult children in your house and need to know how to work parental controls.

No offense meant, however, I’ll protect my own family.

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ABSOLUTELY! Parental controls would just be a tool/method one might use to help with in the endeavor.

wow kinda took a slight left turn there. I am not looking so much for parental controls as that would be at the Tablo GUI level. What I am looking for is a “lock” so to speak that you must know the “password” to before you can use the Tablo on the network from any device not just Roku. I am talking the Win10 app, the website and the phone apps.

Simply put you don’t log into a wireless network on your PC and expect Windows to just allow everyone immediate access to all your files and control over the PC including RDC. So why should Tablo be any different??

That was not out of context. He can’t hold Tablo (or anybody else) accountable for a bunch of knuckleheads trying to “hog his channels”. At some point, people have to take responsibility for themselves and grow up.

Further … parental controls restrict types of content and / or the times during which they may be accessed. He’s not asking for ways to control types of access, he’s asking for a way to deny access to all others in his dwelling. That is presupposing it’s a genuine post / request.

I completely agree! That was my first thought, but after see some comments, there should be some controls built-in - thinking it was like other “TVs”, but it’s just a tuner.

The parental controls, might help as a work-around, the knuckleheads probably wouldn’t spend too much time watching kiddie shows. If he was the only one knowing how to unlock the “grown-up” programs, it may save some frustration.

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One option would be to have them buy their own Tablo … split the antenna feed, and they can do what they want with theirs. Of course with no control mechanism, this would still not prevent them from using your Tablo… As suggested, the only option in your current scenario would be to create a separate subnet or guest network and keep your stuff logically separate from their stuff.

Of course, it is a bigger issue than just the Tablo … wireless printers, IoT devices, and other “less-than-a-full-OS” components on your network would all be available if you and the roomy’s are all sharing a single network. Just sayin’…

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This is not just a tuner. It is a full blown computer with built in TV tuners. I can buy tuners for my PC but I don’t want to tie up my PC.

Look simply put Tablo needs to implement a login to even get into the box it should have never left the factory like this and in my opinion is an un-secure hackers playground and I’m sure there will be someone hacking it before to long. It only takes one “knucklehead” to ruin every ones day.

I have fired off an email to Tablo informing them of this short coming and informing them that they need to have this added in the next firmware push. It is their responsibility to secure a computer on the network from hackers and knuckleheads.

And one more thing I threw at them is the fact that this lack of security is causing the consumer to have a bad experience with their product.

Thanks for all the responses and opinions but in the end they need to fix this issue.

When you buy a product you usually pick one that has all of your “required” features.

I’m sure many aren’t interest in this feature versus other potential features. Of course all of my friends and family are responsible adults.

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Yes it is, but marketed as a TV, OTA TV, HD TV with your antenna, get local channels. It’s promoted as a TV (like) device.
With tuner cards in my PC, I have options what to use to view programing, which may/not have controls, your choice. With tablo, you can only use their methods (offically) to view programs - which they have control over.
I do agree with you… but with your PC, you control it, with tablo… you have little or no control, just use.

Then you are going to be greatly disappointed. They are not going to put in a new feature because one person demanded it, and certainly not in the next firmware push.

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It’ s in a box stating high-speed internet is needed to download guide data and out-of-home streaming… I can do with out those, so I don’t need internet for basic function? It’s not always straight-forward to get all the valid “required” information up front.

I’ve owned multiple tablos for over 4 years. Before purchasing the first unit I read all of the material on including the user manual.

It was very obvious that if you wanted the guide an internet connection was needed. A representative from Gracenotes wasn’t hand delivering a guide update for offline update.

And in many metropolitan areas the PSIP data indicating the actual shows can be flawed.

And I never read one word about access control.

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