Still on 2.2.12, wife started watching a show while it was recording... and poof!

So my wife started watching a recording that had not finished. At 37 min. or so into the 1 hr. recording, as the recording supposedly finished, it bounced her out. The Tablo says it’s a 1hr recording, and has the remaining mintues left, but you can watch it. It dies right there everytime. So Tablo says the recording is 1hr in length and even that it was stopped 37 min into it and it wants to resume, but you can’t. Even using SurLaTablo, the data stops at 37 min. Rats… bug…

Upgraded the unit to 2.2.14, still says the same thing about the show, still won’t play beyond 37 min.

my guess is the file is corrupt or the recording actually stopped at the 37 mark so their won’t be anything you can do to recover.

When you pull the show off the tablo how does the file size compare to other similar 1hr shows?

It’s only pulling 37 min. Tablo says it’s 1 hr in the UI and that it wants to resume playing. Again, it got chopped as the recording ended while watching the recording as it was recording.

Workaround, do not watch something while it is being recorded.

Is all the data there on the Tablo? Unfortunately we can’t see that far into the device anymore.