Station with 2 broadcast towers

My local CBS station apparently broadcasts its channels from 2 different locations. According to TV Fool and Channel Master one location is 6 miles from me and one is 39 miles from me. Obviously I am better off using the 6 mile choice but in the Tablo setup there is no way for me to tell which is which.
Recently I just added both selections to my lineup but I have been getting breakups on recordings. I wish there was an easy way to see which is which. On TV Fool they show each location having a different “Real” channel number but I can’t see that in the Tablo app.

My CBS station does the same (NE Ohio) because the main Cleveland signal gets interfered with by a station across the lake in Ontario. So they repeat the signal out of the Akron area to improve reception down that way. You can probably google your CBS station’s callsign and find a Wikipedia page about it, to include perhaps telling you the virtual channel numbers for the real channels given by tvfool. That worked for me when I was investigating the same thing.

Edit to add that I was actually able to infer which was which in my case because I knew that the Cleveland signal was (virtual) channel 19, and from the coordinates given by tvfool I could easily tell that was the signal they identify as real channel 10.

That said, I’ve been wondering why tvfool doesn’t identify the virtual channel numbers for so many of the signals.

I know the real channel numbers but the virtual channel numbers are the same for both signals.
What’s interesting is that in the Tablo scan it shows the results as:

5-1 CBS

Both stations show 5 green dots. But regardless of which one I choose, the active channel listing shows CBS.

Does anything here help?

What I’ve noticed is that the channel scan starts at the lowest number and go up. The first CBS on the channel list is the lowest real channel.

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What I’ve noticed is that the channel scan starts at the lowest number and go up. The first CBS on the channel list is the lowest real channel.

Good point. I bet that’s the case here.

That’s interesting. In my case the lowest real channel number is 18, which the Tablo scan identifes as CBS and is the channel the farthest from me.
When I do a scan it’s the channel listed as KFSM-DT that shows up fastest in the scan. Would that be because it’s closest to me?

I have a similar problem, being able to see several broadcast channels and then having to figure out which is which without displaying the “real” channel numbers. Adding these to the tuning UI would be helpful. Also, whenever I do a channel scan, the Tablo often forgets which channels are preferred, so I have to go reselect the correct ones after each scan.

I know I posted a request for the channel scan page to show real channel numbers (frequencies) several years ago. Hasn’t happened yet.

Me too.

Me three.
I do watch the scan to have one of my Tablos record one tower that is 27 miles away and another Tablo record the CBS tower 51 miles away. These are two independent setups so I almost always get a recording on CBS. Only exception is when the wind is blowing 40-50 mph. Then I get multiple (up to a half dozen recordings) as the signal comes and goes. All my Seattle stations come in 2Edge (no line of sight).