Static ip address

My ip address changes every 30 days are so… you would think you would be able to set up a static ip address in the software

Ask your ISP/provider if they can supply you with a static Ip … however that said you shouldnt need one for the TABLO unless you have other specific needs for it that are not related to the tablo.

A WAN IP (aka External IP) changed by your ISP is assigned to the modem or router, not to the Tablo. This is irrelevant to the operation of the Tablo.

The Internal IP assigned by your router to your Tablo can also be dynamic and change once in a while, but generally also does not inhibit normal functioning of the Tablo.

Plus almost all routers these days have a DHCP Reservation feature which allows you to have the same Internal IP assigned to the Tablo. Even my cheap $15 TP-Link router has this feature.

Yea I use DHCP reservation on my router … for all my devices…

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Thank you, i hope this resloves the problem

What problem?

Are you referring to the private IP address on the Tablo TV Box? If so, use your router (which is very likely your DHCP server) to do a DHCP reservation based off MAC address. Your DHCP server (inside your router) will assign a static IP address of your choice thats associated with the MAC address you provided it.

If you are referring to public internet static IP, then I recommend signing up for a dynamic DNS server. These are free.
An example is
This is how it works, you sign up, you get a domain name
Then you download their IP address updater on your computer. It basically updates the service what your public IP address is, even when it changes. All you have to remember is your domain name

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I was not talking about WAN. I was talking about my tablo changing ip setting on it own (lan).
I finally think i figured it out… You have to lock it with setting on your router…

Thanks Tablo for telling me… (not)

DHCP Reservation is an advanced feature on the Linksys Wi-Fi Router. It is especially useful when you are setting up a computer as well as wired or wireless network devices such as printers, network storage, gaming device, or server computers that you want to have access using a specific IP Address.