Starting up takes twice

So… long time TiVo uses and I ditched them after 15 years.

I just a Tablo light with a 1TB elements hard drive
I have the Recast in pre order and wanted to give this a try in the mean time.

Set up easy as can be
I have a 3 eero pro and everything in my home is hard wired. I’m using Tablo on my Samsung qled, Sony Oled and my Fire TVs and Roku.

I have one glitch on all devices. When I start up the app even on my phone no matter if I try watch live tv or my recording it just loads and loads no error. If I back out and try it again it works perfect. What could be the issue? Like I said I’m trying Tablo our before my preorder recast I like it so far but this is annoying

Here is the link to the video