Starting to like Tablo more n more. But here a few things I think it's worth mentioning\requesting

Let me first explain my situation. I’ve been a cord cutter for a few years already, at first I was using a few models of the Channel Master DVRs, (I have the CM7400, CM7500, CM7600) all are connected to my TV directly via HDMI cables. And that’s the way I wanted it really. Cause my internet situation is since I have a cell plan with fully unlimited data (no cap) I don’t really need home Internet. For my home PC (that I barely use these days) I have a ok wifi signal from my landlord, but it’s a very slow speed plan, and the signal is weak. So it’s good enough for me, but I figured not good enough to run a network tuner over. So HDMI was the only ones I used for years. Then like a year ago, I ended up buying from Amazon a cheap wifi Repeater, it cost only like $20 and I figured it might improve my WiFi signal coming from my landlord, so I bought it, tried it, worked great! Loved it! So using that for a while, I realized that this little repeater box actually has 2 Ethernet ports at the bottom of it. So that got me thinking… Hmmm… Could I hope possibly run a network tuner through this little repeater?? I finally broke down and bought one, but not a Tablo yet, my first one was the HDHR Flex 4k. (Because I wanted to have the 3.0 tuners ready for when …). And I really REALLY love that! The setup was as easy as can be, I just connected Ethernet cable from the box to the repeater, and it worked like a charm! I’ve been using that for the last year and loving it, (I use it with Kodi).
But I was always curious to try the Tablo, so when they released the HDMI version, I bought the dual HDMI right away, but that being my intro to Tablo, I wasn’t loving it. The HDMI version is just … Not great. I just didn’t think it’s worth paying the monthly fees for, just to get what I get for free from all of my Channel Master DVRs. So I didn’t really use that much, and didn’t renew the monthly subscription after just 1 month.
But I did realize that the regular Network Tablo is more robust. So I finally decided to try it, I was lucky to find a good used Tablo Quad on auction on eBay, so I got it. And I do agree that this is indeed a lot better than my Dual HDMI. Idk it’s the extra tuners (but that they have avail in the HDMI as well). Or the extra settings like quality levels for live TV and recordings. Idk exactly what it is. But now I’m kinda liking this Tablo Quad. The seller actually included a installed internal 1TB HDD, but I upgraded it myself to a 4TB HDD. The only issue was that my 4TB drive was a larger 3.5" drive, so it wouldn’t fit into the slot. So I got a $5 SATA extension cord, so with that I just have the drive sitting next to the Tablo. Been working great.
So after using it now a few days and getting to like it more. I can’t help but notice a few issues that keep bugging me. So I figured I’ll write about them. Hopefully someone reads it.

The first thing that bothers me most, is the Live TV screen. It must be THE only DVR box I ever seen that doesn’t have any info banner! Nothing! No show info show description. Nothing! So the only way to see a episode description, or show info, is to back out to the guide screen. Which makes no sense to me. Again I’ve never seen any other box that is like this. (Even the Google Live channels App has a info banner)

The Second thing that I noticed is. When I set a series recording from the live TV guide, the only options to select is, Early start time And Late end time settings. Nothing else. So if I wanna choose how many episodes to keep, or which specific channels to record from. I gotta then exit live TV tab, go down to the Scheduled Tab, under ALL, then select this recording, and from here I can now edit all these options, including the Early and Late, and all the rest. So I’m not sure why the options wouldn’t be shown when seeing the recording from the Live TV guide. Its a real annoyance having to go each time and do it again from the Scheduled Tab.

The Third thing I wanna mention is something I’ve seen a lot of people writing about online. That is that there is no Tuner management\status page. A basic page (in the settings?) that shows which Tuners are in use, and what channel it’s tuned to. HDHR has a very basic page in there web portal that shows exactly what each tuner is tuned to and the signal strength n quality of it, and data transfer rate. It’s very helpful! Now I did find a link online for Tablo Tuner statuses, but… It’s terrible! Just terrible. Hopefully Tablo adds a Tuner status page.

But again, I’m only here writing this, because I am liking Tablo now. So I think it’s worth investing time in. I think these are small issues that are easily fixable. And would greatly improve the product I think
If any other Tablo users agree with any of these 3 issues, please comment. I’m curious to hear from other users about it
Stay well everyone…

Hello there,

I wanted to address some of your comments and hopefully it may provide help or insight. This pertains to the network Tablo only (No HDMI)

#1 I get program description on some of my channels and shows. At a minimum the season and episode # of the show.

#2. The recording options you see are specific to what device you’re watching Tablo on. On my Roku Ultra, the app doesn’t provide many options when selecting to record from live channel guide. But when I use my Apple TV to view the Tablo app… I get choices for all episodes, new episodes, etc.

#3 At first I was going to say how you can get a wi-fi router and create your own internal network without internet but I’ll have to think that one through more.

What are you using to watch Tablo? On what device? Do you have the latest TabloTV apps on your devices? Not sure what the need is for knowing what tuners are in use and with what channels.

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The physical dimensions are “the only issue”! The power draw between 2.5" drive and a 3.5" are not the same. No, I don’t have the specs but it may either create added heat and/or excessive drain on the power supply. [there are way too many posts about users needing to replacing them]. This is not an ideal setup.

Unless you have an external power for your drive… then please excuse the misunderstanding. You can get an enclosure from ebay very reasonable as well.

As for you other points, yea. You can likely find most or all of them discussed. Either why they likely aren’t happening …or it’s a good idea and they’ll pass it or put it on the road map. :neutral_face:

:grinning: enjoy!!

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Thanks for responding.
I’m using mostly android devices. Like my Hisense Android smart TV. And I downloaded the Tablo app as well on my Channel Master stream+, and a little bit just playing around from my Android smartphone.

Hmmm. I guess you meant to write that the size “ISN’T” the only difference. I didn’t really know much about these, and didn’t know about the power issue.
Although it does seem to work flawlessly for a couple of days straight now. But I guess what you’re saying is that long term it will cause issues?
So I checked on Amazon. And found an option for like $16 for a Sata to USB cable that has a 12v power adaptor plugged into it as well. And then I can just plug it in to the Tablo USB port instead. You think that would be better?

I happen to find the tuner status page of the HDHR very very useful. Besides giving me a clear picture of which tuners are used for what and which are free… It also gives detailed signal n data strength details. (That the Tablo is also missing, no signal meter).
I’ll attach a screenshot of the HDHR page. It’s nothing fancy, very basic but to the point!

Yes, sorry there is a typo, but in context you got it.

To clarify, i didn’t explicitly say terrible things will happen… but it increases the possibilities. Again, its not ideal, the power draw may or may not have a significant impact. Just that there are an unusual reports of power supply failure.

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Yes yes. Understood.
And I appreciate the advice, cause like I said, I don’t really know much about internal hard drives. I’ve always gotten external USB drives for all my Channel Master DVRs, (I have a 500Gb, 1Tb, And a 2Tb. All Toshiba. All still work perfectly fine).
But this is my very first internal type drive I ever bought. And I don’t really know much about it.
But I already ordered that other cable from Amazon, that also has power. and I realize now that with a simple SATA to USB cable like this, I could of used internal drives with all my DVRs, I never realized it.

But thanks again for making me aware of the power issue

It will work with an external USB drive …but that would be too easy :wink:

The Internal HDD cost me half the price, even with the cables it needed

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