Start Recording "Early" Options - 30 seconds and 1 minute

Currently, recordings can be started a a minimum of 2 minutes early. I find that for the recordings that don’t start early, when I start them with the 2 minute early option, a 30 second “early” would have done the trick. I’m guessing that 1 minute would be enough for others. I would like to see a “30 seconds early” and “1 minute early” option in the available drop down. (I know a manual recording might somewhat accomplish this, but I want to keep artwork/guide data/season designations, etc.)

This has been asked almost ad-nausea. Many discussions about shows starting/ending 1 minute before/past the hour.

Finally got TabloTV to answer why it’s not, or very unlikely to happen - 7:01 8:31 9:01 etc - #35 by TabloTV

We were trying to limit the number of options available in order to keep things simple. We felt that the 2 minute option would cover the most use cases.

FYI: there is a third party app - APL Tablo Client which allows you to set start and end times by the +/- as desired.