Star Trek: Discovery


@eek thought I came up with a better way of saying what he was trying to say:

Technically it (TOS+) wasn’t about “political statements”, it was about belief in the better parts of humanity. Designed to send a positive message about the future. Sure, one could argue is went against some prevailing negative attitudes of the day, but it resonated with the masses because most people aren’t that way… not even 50% (the bad people on “either” side of the “fence” are a very very small number)

Now back to your stations!!


Was anyone able to actually watch Discovery? I guess it got delayed and my DVR missed it. Great marketing plan CBS!




My DVR grabbed most of it. There was a bit of a signal burp part way in. It wasn’t entirely unexpected, CBS is the 2nd worst signal of the channels I get. Only the US PBS station is worse (it only works after dark for me).


And that’s with it being OTA!!

It’ll probably break top 10, maybe top 5 once it goes only CBS All Access…

No plans to pirate it here but also no plans to pay for a sub either. Just not going to do it. Maybe Season 1 will be on U.S. Netflix as season 2 comes out, if not, oh well, still plenty to watch elsewhere!


I agree. I am not paying for a channel just for it. I am a big Star Trek fan too.


I enjoyed the premiere of Star Trek Discovery. I thought they did an okay job of making the sets and ships look like modern sci fi influenced by the earlier ships and sets. It does look a lot more modern than the original series ships but budgets and special effects have come along way, so I happily allow for that.

Although, I do have to say, it didn’t feel at all like Star Trek to me. That is not necessarily bad. Star Trek, for the most part, portrayed a utopian ideal. There were only ever hints of a gritty world underneath the federation of TNG. From the premiere, it appears to be heading in a much darker direction. It may be interesting to see what happens (assuming I can find a legal source for more episodes).


It’s available via Crave TV in Canada, but Crave has a limited number of apps otherwise I would have happily forked out the cash for it.


It was setup to be like “The Rifleman” in space. I personally do not mind this. IMHO, in our dark kill each other first and listen second, world, we could use a bit more of “The Rifleman”.


I’m using Roku at the moment. No CraveTV app on Roku (yet). There were some suggestions from the folks at Crave that it might be coming to Roku.

I think there is an AppleTV app for CraveTV. I may get one around Christmas if there is still no sign of an app for the Roku. Which is to say, hints buried in old forum posts that might have been from people who may know what’s going on but no definite answers either way.

I also might sign up for CraveTV’s free trial after the first season of Discovery is over and binge watch it before cancelling. Of course, I may just keep CraveTV after that for other shows.

[UPDATE] In checking if I could get CraveTV on AppleTV for sure (you can according to the CraveTV website) I ran across something a few people might be interested in:

Crave is offering a 15% discount on 6 month subscription(s) currently (Sept 2017).