Standardize app interface across devices

This is really important if you want to get more people to buy in.  You need to make the interface easy to use and it needs to be the same or as close to the same as possible across all devices.  

I need to be able to see a guide on the Roku the same way I see the guide on a PC or iPad.  

You’re fighting an uphill battle to get people to cut the cord as we are at a point in history where they think a cable bill is simply a standard part of their lives.  It’s funny how it can really be an emotional experience for a lot of people to let go of cable.

It’s a hard sell when you try to tell people “Yes.  You can watch TV and record TV with the Tablo.  On the Roku, you do this, but on a PC, you do this, etc…”.  And "No, you can’t see the guide on this Roku, but on the PC or iPad you can.  "  Trying to get your friends and family members to buy in to the idea of cutting the cord is tough with all of these different interfaces for the same Tablo “service” when really people just want to watch TV as easily as possible.  A guide is an important part of making this easy.

It may be a tough thing to do because of the different platforms, but the user experience should be the same across devices with the exception of the screen resolution involved.
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@Frank00 - We agree. We’re always working hard to make sure that the same features are available on all platforms where possible.

This is why we’re undertaking the revamp of the Roku platform so that it can have things like a grid guide for live TV. 

@Frank00 Take a look at this blog post from Tablo - it has a preview of what’s coming for Roku, Fire TV, and Android and goes a long way to addressing your concern.  I know I’m looking forward to it!

The reality will be that due to screen sizes and differences there will always be SOME differences. I understand the mega-differences in the Roku vs. Chromecast and so on, and how the guide situation is frustrating, but because for example the android phone has limits and a small screen, some things - minor things, buttons and so on will be different sort of like Mac and PC things must vary a bit. I think tech people do sort of understand that. 
But the program guide and other things so very different with the Roku interface or utilization, yeah, I bet they are busting tail to get that closer than it is today. 

>>when really people just want to watch TV as easily as possible.  A guide is an important part of making this easy.<<

Yeah, for sure.

@Frank00, I have to disagree.  I think people are chomping at the bit to leave Cable and Satellite.  Paying for 200 Cable channels when you watch 10-15 is what is most upsetting to me.  I can get 90% of the shows I watch for free and add Netflix/Hulu for the rest and save $100 a month.  That seems like a win to me. 

As a matter of fact, I just ordered a 4 tuner for my sister, they will save $120/month over cable.  And an added bonus is that if I ever do run out of TV to watch, maybe I will get my butt off the couch and be more productive.

@crm1975…  I see your view because I agree with it.  But it definitely doesn’t represent the view of a lot of potential Tablo customers out there.  

There is a large part of the population that would still rather use multiple remotes than something like a harmony universal remote.  These are the people I’m talking about.  It is SOP for them to pay a monthly cable bill.  It’s part of their lives.  They are comfortable with the Big Cable guide and the remote they use to change channels and access on-demand programming.  It’s what they know and many of these people spend a lot of time watching TV.

They want to stay current with Antique Road Show.  They don’t know they can stay current with The Walking Dead through an Amazon season pass.  They don’t want to deal with multiple bills/services/interfaces.

Throwing multiple interfaces in their faces by which they have to learn each is a sticking point.  Telling them they’re saving $XX/month doesn’t always outweigh the frustration of them learning a Netflix/Amazon/Hulu/Tablo Roku/Tablo iPad/Tablo PC interface.

To you or me, each of these interfaces is a variation on a theme.  To them, it’s foreign and frustrating even though they have no problem using all separate remotes for their TV, cable, and DVD.  

It’s just something they’ve always done and changing that is hard.  Having different interfaces with different functionality for the same service across devices is a hard sell.

@Frank00, I definitely agree with you that the interface should be as close as possible on every platform.  I think the older generation or people who aren't very tech savvy are probably happy with cable, but a lot of teens and people in their 20's watch their TV online already anyways so it is easier for them to cut the cord since they are more likely used to Roku/Amazon Fires etc...  Either way, I am just glad there is a way to cut the cord and still have a way to record all the prime time shows I like.  Weekends are pretty much horrible for TV so having something to watch is a must for me.

Hopefully more stations start selling their channels ala cart so I can piece in the few others I like and then I will take my savings on vacation with me.