St. Louis area channels are not showing any guide data

I just received my Tablo yesterday and hooked it up.  Scanned and found all the channels in the St. Louis, MO area with 5 green dots on all of them.  But the tablet app does not show any guide data for any channel.  I can watch the channels live tv from my tablet but my roku tells me to add channels via a tablet app.  Also when I try to connect to my tablo via the web interface it never finds my tablo on my desktop or laptop.  

Do I need to register the tablo?  I don’t see anywhere to do this.

Thanks for any help.

Forgot to mention I have a 1tb hard drive hooked up that the Tablo found and formated correctly.

The guide data does take an hour or so to populate after initial setup, so you should see them all by now.

Once the Tablo is set up on your home network, you should see it on all your devices.  How is your network configured? 

It downloaded the new firmware update so it is connected to the internet. It has been around 15 hours since I connected it.

It is connected to an 8 port switch that is connected to my router. Everything else on that switch has access to the internet.

I’m having the same issue in the Nashville, TN area. The unit has worked fine for me over the past week, but at some point today, I seem to have lost all guide data. I’ve rebooted the unit and verified the time/date on any tablet or PC I’ve used to connect to the Tablo, but nothing seems to work. Any thoughts/suggestions?

Same problem in Washington, D.C. area. It doesn’t seem to be location related.

I just received and hooked up my tablo last night. Tried controlling through android app, web app and Roku. The android and web app can show me live tv but no guide data. The Roku app says no channels are available. 

Tried deleting and reconnecting the Tablo from ally devices. Still nothing. Help?

I think there is a communication issue with the EPG server and the current firmware. Are u guys running the quad tuner model?

I have the dual tuner model, and the settings tab says I’m running Tablo Software 2.1.10  App  1.0.6 and that Software is Up-to-date

Same here I am running the dual tuner model.  With the same versions posted by Chuck_K.

I just tried my tablet again and now it is telling me it is downloading guide data.  Will post back results in a few.

It has been well over an hour and I still don’t see any guide data.  Maybe it can’t connect to the server to download.  I’m not sure.  I have sent an email to support.

Dual tuner model here. Current firmware.

I’ve tried resetting the hardware, deleting and reconnecting the tablo to my android app and to the web app. I haven’t seen any guide data or anything since i started last night with this brand new unit. Everything else seems to be working, but I can’t record anything or see any guide info.

And if u use the Tablo iOS app and force a guide refresh under settings nothing at all happens?

That’s correct, @PiX64. It says updating but nothing happens.

I am wondering if your switch is causing the problem.  You may want to try to plug the Tablo into the wireless router and see if that helps any.

I tried it using my Verizon cell as a hotspot and using wifi to connect the tablo to the hotspot “network”. Again, setup and live streaming worked fine, but no guide.

It’s not a switching/routing issue; the unit is reachable at all times, it simply won’t show any guide data. I even rolled back a firmware revision with no effect. I’m updating back to the current version again to see if anything changes. I’ll update with results shortly. 

No change after returning to current version of software. I even tried deleting the Tablo App entirely, but the issue persists.