Sport “category” vs, “event”

Anyone know why the guide places the Masters tournament in its own category instead of as a program within “PGA Golf”? It doesn’t treat the Final Four in college basketball in this manner ( and don’t remember the Super Bowl being in a different category than “NFL football”

While The Masters tournament is recognized as an official event by the PGA TOUR and our players participate in it, the event is owned and operated by Augusta National Golf Club.

That does make sense in the context since it is labeled PGA golf. Seems like for the casual viewer it might make more sense to group more like a general “Men’s golf” category like I see Women’s Soccer here.

When it comes to live sports, especially bigger tournaments or playoff finals, our guide provider sometimes lists things as ‘events’ versus within their regular sports containers.

While you see it as a category, they are listed by “event/show name” Football game - aka NFL event. The Masters is the name of the show… They don’t actually appear to have category filter, it’s primarily a users perception.

It may just not always be consistent, depending on the level of “popularity” or how common programming exists (ex Motorcycle Racing, High School Basketball, Women’s Soccer, etc. from the screenshot”). Those seem more like categories (to me)

There are 4+ mens iinvitational golf matches. There are many more PGA/LPGA matches.

These are branded events. I don’t think organizations would look lightly on classifying branded event as a PGA event. The PGA sanctions these events so that their members can play in them.

I didn’t see anyone question if future women’s golf events will be labeled as Women’s Golf or LPGA.

Great comments and perspective from everyone. I think my frame of mind is how this presents in recordings if I’m looking for them down the road. I’d want multiple events (keeping their branding and affiliations in the show titles) in one men’s golf container for Tablo user purposes. But I can see the other perspectives too. Regardless, it sounds like something the guide provider has set up that way (at least for the most popular sports)

Here is another real life example.

I live close to the Mexican border. So I don’t have one category for men’s soccer - I have 3. One for each league. So I’m sure people may be interested in one league and not another. So who would want to sort through 3 leagues mixed into one category looking for games from their favorite league. And I don’t even have all the Spanish stations added to my tablo.

Using APL-Tablo I can see there a genre “golf”, so the possibility may exist for a category sort/filter.

There are dozens of various genre, lots of nonsense at times. Then I suppose it relies on an indivual to tag it. Then each new person - golf, golfing, PGA.

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