Spontaneous Factory Reset?


Does anyone happen to know why my 4 tuner model would work great for 14 months then suddenly completely reset dumping all settings and losing 14 months of recordings? Really unhappy right now. The box is physically up on a shelf and wasn’t touched. No power outages or anything weird. Just turned it on to a “Welcome to Tablo” screen today. Wondering if anyone has had this issue and worried that it will happen again now.

Secondly, is there any possible way I can get it to see the recordings that apparently still exist on the HDD? Very little interest in getting them to my PC. I want them available in Tablo.

First real issue with this and was a happy customer until now.

My suggestion is submit a ticket to support before doing anything else. Allow them a chance to see what went wrong before any other trouble shooting or attempts at retrieving the recordings that may still exist on the hdd.

There’s a nightly maintenance done by the Tablo DVR.

I suggest you unplug your external hard drive and plug it back tomorrow just in case.

Appreciate the replies. I’ll submit a ticket and unplug the HDD tonight.


Our team has your ticket in the queue; we’re taking a look now, and you should hear back shortly.

I just had this exact thing happen on my 4 tuner Tablo overnight. Called support but they didn’t have a solution. Did you have any special solution for getting the database that is on the hard drive back into the Tablo? Per support’s instructions, I started the setup process to see if the Tablo would pull the old database automatically, but it did not. I stopped before the channel scan so as not to create a new database. Any insight you might have is appreciated.

Unfortunately there was absolutely no way to get my recordings back onto Tablo. I had to start over. I’ve since started ripping anything important to my computer in case if another crash. But so far so good since then.