Splitter not working

I’ve had a splitter connected to my HD Antenna for years.
All of the sudden I wasn’t getting any channels except for a couple ‘deep cuts.’
I was able to deduce that the splitter was the problem after plugging the antenna directly into the tablo (coax).
I like to have the splitter so that I can also have the antenna signal go into the television in case the wifi/internet goes down. We live in a tornado area so this is kind of important.
Anyway, I went and purchased the exact same splitter but the problem persists.
Pretty sure it’s not the coaxial cables coming off the splitter (though I will swap 'em out to test).

Is there a preferred splitter with tablo or any one will do? Did Tablo make this a new restriction recently via a firmware upgrade?

I was going to suggest changing the cable from splitter to Tablo, but you are already checking that.
Since one coax from splitter is going to Tablo and one to TV, is the one going to TV OK?
I can’t imaging a splitter going bad, but anything is possible.
Good luck.

Checked the coaxial’s, they’re fine.
Plugged everything back in, made sure of snug connection and…it’s fine now.

Loose connection maybe.
Glad it’s working again.

It’s not possible to put limitations on coax splitters, cables, or antennas. Restrictions on HDMI devices can be made but all coax cables, splitters, and antennas will continue to work with the 4th gen Tablo and any future firmware on any generation.

It’s resolved but just wanted to say that (disclaimer, not a professional) I’ve done a lot of stuff with coax and that the brand of splitter that seems to work forever is Antronix. I’ve seen very old Antronix splitters in horrid conditions (e.g. in damp crawl space under manufactured/mobile homes) that still work just fine and I’ve also seen a lot of newer “other brand” splitters in ideal locations that have failed.

For antenna, all you need is their 1002 MHz splitters however I have switched to installing the “Yellow Label” 1675 MHz “MoCA” splitters just in case the same coaxial network is ever used for MoCA.

Always hand-tighten and then once hand-tight, use a 7/16 wrench to give it a slight additional twist (maybe 1/8 of a turn) so it doesn’t vibrate loose yet isn’t over-tightened.

Good to know. Thanks Stargatefan

I wouldn’t recommend using a wrench to tighten the connector to the Tablo. Multiple people have reported that they have damaged their Tablo by over tightening the coaxial cable and causing the connector to break internally.


Yes, thanks, I was referring to the splitter but should have been more clear.

Device connections should only be hand-tightened.

Having issues again.
‘Weak signal’
Could it be my antenna?
Mohu arc antenna. About 8-10 years old.

UPDATE: I addressed the power plug for the antenna. Wasn’t noticeably loose but I double checked fittings and plug into the outlet and the signal is back.
I’m guessing that my daughter bumped stuff enough that something in the power chain wiggled loose enough to cause issues.

I believe we have 20+ year old RCA splitters but… things were made a bit better back then.

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