Spinning & Weak Signal but 5 green dots

I’m having similar issues to those posted in the following link. I had not used my tablo in a couple of years and I’m trying to get it back up and running. I had to format my hard drive. When I plugged it into my tablo it required me to format it to Tablo format. This seems to have hung, but when I log out and back in, it now sees the storage correctly. However, any channel I tried to watch was showing a weak signal. Following the guidance in the link I disconnected the tablo for several minutes. I plugged it back in and re-scanned for channels. All my channels show 5 green dots (expected as I’m only 5 miles from the towers). I’m still getting claims of weak signal regardless of what channel. Additionally I can use this same antenna directly into the TV and get a crystal clear signal. This is clearly a Tablo issue, but I’m not sure what to do.

Many TV’s have a signal meter. If so you can check to see what the sound to noise ratio is. maybe the S/N is too much and over powering the tuner.

How much S/N is too much for these units?

Why would the TV play the channels w/o issue, but when hooked to the Tablo the S/N be high? It’s the same signal. I assume on the TV the signal is good as the channels all tune in w/o issue. The issue is once it’s hooked up to the Tablo.

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A TV could not only have various filters but also attenuators. I don’t think tablo, at least the legacy models, has either.

These units have a built in amplifier, so who know what else it has(attenuators or filters). You use to able to search the tablotv site to find users arguing about attenuators.

The same is true for the WEB.

The Tablo software seems to ASSUME that ANY failure is a reception issue. Failures in the storage on the hard drive can result in the Tablo reporting a reception issue. If you happen to have a spare hard drive to try that would be a good thing to try.

I was getting reported reception issues and after multiple weeks of dealing with support they indicated they had determined my hard drive was bad. I replaced it and have not had issues since. I am now going to find some wood on which to knock.

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