Spinning grey gear?

I had my Tablo installed on Thursday and got it all set up Thursday night. then I went to turn it on yesterday via my Apple TV and just get a grey spinning gear. My internet is ok. My apple TV will play other apps (Netflix). I tried unplugging, waiting 10 seconds and re-plugging in the Tablo. And I rebooted the power strip that everything is plugged in to as well. Still have the spinning grey gear. What can I do next? I wanted to cancel my cable today… but now am hesitant because I want to watch the Oscar’s tonight!

Can you access the Tablo from your smartphone or tablet? iPhone or iPad?

I haven’t tried to set it up on anything except my TV yet…

Do I want the Tablo Web App or the iTablo Viewer?

Never heard of this lol

You want the Tablo app made by Nuvyyo.

What Apple TV do you have? What generation?

Older, I know that… but new enough that you can add apps to it… I’ll look again at the app store on my phone.

That’s the Tablo Web App. Installing now…

Ok. I have the Tablo app installed on my phone. It seems to work fine. I can see the shows that I have recorded…

Reboot (aka power cycle) your router, modem, Tablo and then Apple TV in that order.

That didn’t work… I eventually got a “search again” for home error… but that didn’t work either. I guess I’ll call tomorrow…

Hi! Just wanted to say I appreciate you trying to help me the other day. I eventually got it working!

How did you fix it?

My brother was eventually able to get it to find home.

Lol it’s not ET, but good you got it fixed.