Speed up guide updates when scrolling horizontally

The web apps, including the iOS app, seem to retrieve the guide info on a piecemeal basis from the Tablo. This makes horizontal scrolling of the live TV guide very jerky. Other apps seem to have solved this, perhaps by sending all of the guide content from Tablo to the app in one download.

This can be done with a new protocol message and the use of HTML tables within the app.

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On my web app, on my system, over my network, it takes but a moment to populate the grid. On my old tablet over wifi, it takes less than 3 seconds scrolling up and/or down through the grid.

It’s always grateful when someone know the easy answer to fix this - thanks. But maybe, it’s your system or network?

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It is always possible that there was some installation anomaly that makes horizontal scrolling data updates jerky but everything else, including streaming to iOS devices, runs smoothly. I live in the country so there is no interference to my Wifi.

Like Tablo apps on other devices? Such as Fire TV or Android devices?

No, I didn’t mean other Tablo apps. I meant other guide apps such as the TV Guide app. I do not have any non-Apple devices to compare to.

I can say that my experience is different. Prior to adding the Tablo to my network, I did replace my router. What a world of difference that made! I had a top-end router, that was 7 years old; the advances in Wi-Fi chipsets and standards mean a new router is worlds apart from older models. I bought a $50 802.11AC TP-LINK model and it is fantastic!

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Since this is over Wi-Fi, is it over 2.4Ghz or 5G Wi-Fi? 802.11n, AC, or b/g?

What are the Mu-MIMO, WMM, or QoS settings? Is all traffic on the same VLAN?

Most Apple devices now support 802.11ac, so if that’s an option, I’d enable it. If your router supports Mu-MIMO or WMM or QoS, any of those technologies could also help throughout and consistency of service, avoiding “noisy neighbor” scenarios, and making sure your Tablo doesn’t choke :slight_smile:


Also, here’s the link to the router I bought:


It serves about 15-20 Wi-Fi endpoints admirably, allows me to stream 4K content without playback issues, and serves Tablo content over my LAN and remotely, without issue.

Not sure what kind of router you have, but if it’s older or doesn’t support the settings I mentioned, the TP-Link would at least be good to test with and won’t break the bank.

I have noticed this with vertical scrolling as well. On the iOS app, it loads what I will call the first set of channels and when I scroll down there is a delay in the next channels to appear. The strange part is when I scroll back up to the top, it seems to need to refresh/reload the first ones again.

The router is an Apple Time Capsule (last model) 802.11ac with 2.4 and 5 GHz. All devices are newer Apple ones at 5 GHz. My house is rural so there is no WiFi interference.

Streaming and command/control run smoothly. Only horizontal scrolling is slow.

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I can’t comment on vertical scrolling as I only get three channels in my rural location!

I actually had an AirPort Extreme 802.11ac base station, basically the same platform minus the storage.

Unfortunately, these devices are 802.11ac draft standards compliant, and were updated to wave 1, but newer chips and firmware really do make a world of difference!

I may end up getting a beefier router eventually, or even turn a small computer into a router, but for the moment this $50 commodity hardware outperforms my Airport…didn’t want to admit it, but once I did, it worked out so much better.