Specifics Subscription cost clarification


New Tablo Blog post states:

Tablo TV Guide Data Subscription fees not only help to defray the costs of quality TV guide data from our provider Gracenote but also fund research and development of new features.

All the available information claims my fee pays for (not helps to defray) the cost of

beautiful cover art, episode and series synopses, and metadata

In this list What do I get for my subscription?… No where does it inform me I’m supplementing research and development of new features.

There are specific new features I prefer to fund with my optional subscription. When the new policy is updated, including this point in the list will provide clarity.


Where does it say users get help desk support, any new firmware, updated apps, bug fixes, or improvements?


A card in my tablo’s box informing my to
Register your tablo device” Suggest it provides
Access new features, software updates, important Tablo news, and special offers.”

I’m not a research analyst so I don’t have specific references, I would speculate some have to do with the warranty - products are provided with a 100% repair or replacement warranty for 12 months. If they can eliminate human error or provide update…


I have 3 tablos. Two OG models and a dual 64.

None of them came with that card. Maybe that means I don’t get any of those goodies.


I don’t remember getting a card like that either, but I pre-ordered the 2 tuner Tablo years ago, so maybe it’s new.


Holy nightmare batman. You mean Nuvyyo might have changed some of the package stuffing over the years and various models


Are you posting for the sake of posting?


There may be some misunderstanding, probably not the card as much as registering the product… like, “goodies” is your interpretation or perspective.


You must be relatively young. Fifteen to twenty years ago it was not unusual for consumer software to be one and done. You bought it and there was no support, new features, or upgrades without additional fees.

And I have a Samsung tablet that is 8 years old. It has never had an OS update. Same for my LG cell phone. And the Amazon OS may get fixes to the OS but not an upgrade to a new version of the OS.

So I would call most of what tablo does as add-on goodies.


Things have change. I bought an Apple product, and I still get iOS updates for free on an almost 6 year old iPad Air. iOS 12 runs great on this old thing.


ok, waay off topic here. Not disagreeing, but there’s the other side. Giant company sells software and several years later no one is buying any more.

So they add bloat and call it new features, which users may not even want, understand or use. In some cased these features introduced bugs and made the program painful to use.

Another released a great suit of programs. They wanted to sell even more, so the new versions weren’t compatible the the old ones. Nothing really new, just fresh modern look. Every system had to pay for the new version to be able to function properly together. Of course none of this would work with the home or lite version.

So if something works, and does what is suppose to - one and done isn’t a bad thing. Yes, progress. We do move forward, I understand. But just because GiantCorporation tells us it’s a feature, or new and improved, well, you know how marketing works.

I suppose if you have a real problem with these, or felt the new ones, with new features would really make a difference, after 8yrs you would have replaced it.

Your analogy, new features and upgrades are goodies… You should have a new phone and tablet, 10yr life rotation?