Spanish channels blocked?

I live in the Philadelphia area and Spanish channels are blocked aside from Univision and it’s sister network. I’m only able to watch these channels when I don’t have an active subscription, when I pay for the month they become blocked. Specifically the three channels Im missing are 29.3, 62.1 and 62.2 respectively mundofox, telemundo, and exitos. Interestingly it still tells me the name of the channel but no guide info. And mundofox always had guide info available from the start and only disappeared recently. Do I have to cancel my subscription just to get back the channels I want?

@Tablotv that makes no sense

Have you tried changing your zip code or open a ticket?

@jyiannako There’s definitely something off here - like @beastman mentioned, send our support team a ticket and we’ll get this fixed up.

That doesn’t make sense at all. It’s OTA.

The EPG provider just needs to associate the zip code with the channels. IF OP tries changing the zip code, it MIGHT get data.

You CAN watch the channels without the data by pressing play. Are these stations new? I recently waited 17 days for guide data for two new stations, 54.2 and 54.3 in Austin, TX which are GRIT and LAFF. I thought it would be faster since the channels were already broadcasting in other locations, including San Antonio, TX and I even told them what stations to copy. You can use and schedule recordings manually while waiting for the EPG. @jyiannako see for zip codes. Pick one besides you, and it might work. I would select whatever zip code the city hall has.