Spanish Broadcast

Looking for help. Today’s FOX broadcast of the Vikings vs Bengals NFL game was broadcast in Spanish instead of English. Not seeing a way to change any settings. Help!

Learn Spanish? lol

It is likely the Tablo picked the SAP audio track rather than the main one. Don’t think this can be easily fixed. If it’s a recording, it can’t be fixed cause the Tablo only records one audio track.

You would need to have an anntenna attachd to a TV to check what the various alternate audio channels are and if they appear to have the proper language and proper spelling.

In one of the recent releases instead of always picking the first audio channel the firmware started to select the one that matched a desired language. I don’t know how it selects the desired language or what happens of the language labels are incorrect.

But at least for me it correctly is selecting the alt2 channel that is marked as english where alt1 is labeled as spanish.