Source resolution and station for a recording in recordings list

While probably not as high of a priority as other requests, it would be interesting to see the source resolution and station for a recording.

@roberttco - Also good info to have included. 

Can you clarify what this is? I was about to request a new feature but this might be the same thing.

I think the original request was to add the network (I think that’s what he meant by station) and the resolution they broadcast in (480, 720, 1080) to the information about a recording.

You are correct. A note about original resolution and the channel/network/station information. In a market where there is more than one broadcaster for the same programming, you can use this information to determine which recorded episode you want to watch.

OK. Then I would like to add/clarify that “recording” needs to take into account the fact that a show can be broadcast on multiple networks.

And some networks have a stronger signal.

For example, my Spousal Unit likes to record General Hospital. Which is broadcast by BOTH Channel 7 in the USA and Channel 57 (City TV) in Toronto.

My City TV signal strength is always full - rain or shine, day or night. But Channel 7 tends to drop out during storms or very cloudy days.

And yet, my Tablo insists on trying to record each episode from channel 7. I assume because it is a lower number?

This is sub-optimal. Or were you guys sneaky clever and made it so if a signal drops out, you switch to an alternate?

Exactly ! That is my problem here also. And in reading your description it courts to me that it would also be nice to set an affinity to the channel.

Setting a ‘priority’ channel is another popular suggestion, especially for folks who have two or more of the same networks in their viewing area.


I would love this - I made this request over a year ago. Not complaining, just reminding :innocent:

I have some channels that come in better on some days than others and it would be nice to restrict a recording to only one of those reliably and consistently… instead of playing russian roulette with the recording.

It would be acceptable if the Tablo just started the recording with the channel with the best signal at the time.

It would be brilliant if it could change feeds if the current one drops out.

It would be interesting if there was an option to put a tuner on each possible source, record them both to a temp file, then keep the one that is best quality.

The current Smart Scheduling is supposed to pick the channel with the strongest signal if two channels have the same episode on at the same time. However, this is based on the channel scan at initial setup. It does not dynamically change based on the current signal strength.

I understand why it would be designed that way. However, it is not going to be completely reliable.

I was very careful to scan my signal when I knew conditions were right to get the most channels.

This ensures I get Guide data for EVERYTHING! Because my TVs don’t have guide support, they typically show only the current and next show names. No details.

This trick allows me to (a) see whats on, and (b) get detailed info for shows I can watch on my TV - even though the Table may or may not be able to tune in that channel at the moment.

So “trusting” those initial scan numbers may not work after atmospheric conditions change.