Sound out of sync

Making changes in my office. I’m trying to use an old Fujitsu tablet as my “TV” next to my desk. It runs Ubuntu 14.04. Connection, etc, doing fine, but sound and video are one or two seconds out of sync. Connection is wired. The delay appears to be the same for playing recorded stuff and live TV. Are there any adjustments for delay that I have not been able to find?

The tablet didn’t work out, so back to using my fairly new Toshiba notebook as my desk “TV”, and having the same problem with Windows 10 and Chrome browser" video and sound are not in sync.

I find that the out of sync condition is only for PCs that are wired and go through a switch. Another PC nearby that is wired directly to the router does not have the problem. So I unplugged the CAT5 from the notebook and connected it by wifi, and the problem is also go. So, it is isolated to a switch issue. I know little about streaming media, but assumed that the audio for a frame is provided during that frame. I guess not. Could / should not the application either be able to sync them up, or at least a user adjustment of delay? I think the delay is close enough to a constant that that would be acceptable.