Sound doesn’t work on Fire HD 10

I recently got a Fire HD 10 and got google play loaded on it. For some reason when I use the tablo app the sound doesn’t come out of it. I’ve tried uninstalling and resetting it, but I can’t get it to work. Any suggestions?

Do u have your Tablo set for 5.1 perhaps, and the fire doesn’t support?

Are you using the “Tablo PREVIEW” app? The Preview app is the newer app that supports surround sound.

However, while the Tablo apps support the Fire TV devices, I don’t think they officially support the Fire tablet devices.

Looks like that was it. I turned it off and it works fine. Great idea!

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I added the google play store to my fire tablet and use the app from there.

Does the Fire tablet normally let you do that? Or do you have to sideload the Google Play store?

The “Android” version of the Tablo app from the Google Play store isn’t intended for the Fire tablet, which is likely why the surround sound audio doesn’t work.

The Fire HD 10 tablet should be able to natively decode 5.1 AC3 audio.

There is a Tablo app available from the Amazon app store. That is the one I use on an old Fire tablet and it works fine, however I do not have surround sound enabled.

Yeah makes sense. You have to side load it, but it isn’t real hard to do. I figured it was something small, but just couldn’t figure it out.