Sort recorded episodes/seasons in Roku

By default, it seems to sort with the newest season at the top – with the episodes then in order lowest to highest. This means if you have several seasons recorded, and want to start at S1E1, you have have to spend 10 seconds getting to the bottom. But don’t go all the way to the bottom – because that’s the end of season 1. So to get to S1E1, you go about 80% down. That seems clunky.

I’d like to request some sort buttons at the top. At the very least a toggle that puts earliest or latest seasons at the top.

You can page up or down with ffd and rwd buttons, and skip to top from anywhere using the quick skip button, is all I’ve found. Would be nice if the quick skip would also take you to bottom if at top already at least.

What is missing is a season index which you will find in most comparable systems. That way you can easily navigate to any season.