Something I miss about Roku

said no one ever…except me.

I’m on my 4th iteration of my Tablo watching adventure.

  1. I started out with iPhone and AirPlay. For the most part it worked well, unless my phone rang. Whoops. A few other quirks, but very livable.
  2. Later I went to the hacked AppleTV Trailers app/Plex. This worked well except there were a lot of moving pieces and Tablo was the ONLY reason I was using Plex.
  3. Next was Roku. It started out rough, but ended well.
  4. It was time for a new TV so we purchases a Sony running Android TV. I figured with all the love the Android boxes were getting, it was the right move to make. So far so good.

One of the things I miss about the Roku, is when I’m fast forwarding through a show the Roku would have a few “preview” slides. This was nice because you can look ahead and stop fast forwarding. With Android, there is only the one preview slide of the actual moment in time.

Otherwise, it’s great. I love the integration.

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I agree, that aspect of viewing on the Roku was better. Overall, I prefer the Android TV app though.

Actually, you can forward on Apple TV with the remote and the previews should be there.

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