Some stations are odd looking via the Tablo compared to straight connect to the Antenna

I have a new Tablo Quad HDMI. Some stations have a cortoonish look to them, some smudgy aspect, especially live TV news. Example, the newcsaster hair is not sharp, looks more like a painting, very odd look. If I do a direct connect to the antenna, the video is sharp and crisp. I have a newer Samsung TV (2 years old), my antenna is a new Televes DATBOSS LR Mix Hi-VHF UHF Long Range Antenna with 5G Filter. Perhaps the HDMI cable? Or could it be the Tablo tuner?

Can you make sure your TV settings are set the same between antenna and that particular HDMI port? Each input to the tv will have its own settings, so you may need to calibrate.

Thanks! I will look into it.

Not seeing any options per input. It seems to happen most on one station, only live events like the news.

I am going to try a different, newer HDMI cable.