Some shows (season finales?) recording for an extra 1/2 hour

I have been noticing that recently, three of my shows have recorded for an extra 1/2 hour as if they were live events, but they were scripted dramas. I can’t remember which show I first saw this with (might have been Aquarius the week before, but I am not sure), but I saw it again on Saturday with Hannibal and then on Monday with The Whispers. Both shows were season finales (as would have been Aquarius). The show time for the recording shows the correct interval (eg 9:01 to 10:00 for the Whispers) and the correct running time (59 minutes for The Whispers), but the recording length is about 1/2 hour longer (1 hr 28 min for the Whispers). Other recordings are working fine.

I was wondering if Tablo might be mistaking season finales for live events or if I have something set incorrectly or there is another reason for this extra recording time.

This is intended behaviour for finales.

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Thanks - I did not realize that.

Yes, they add time to season finales, just in case :wink:

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Indeed - better safe than sorry!

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