Some shows scheduled to record are failing to record

Tablo Quad four failing to record consistently. All the shows in question show in scheduled to record. Some shows record, others fail. Guide is current and the shows indicate NEW. Recording options are set to record NEW. Unit seems to be functioning and is well cooled by external fan.

In recent weeks shows that have specifically failed are NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, BlackList. I checked the scheduled list a day or two in advance to verify they were set and that they were showing on the GUIDE, showing as NEW, and yet they failed. Other shows recorded fine.

Any help?
I should also note that I tried changing these shows to NOT Record, and Then set them to record NEW again and they still failed.

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I was having an issue recently similar to yours…the channel had been repacked and I didn’t realize. I did a rescan of my channels, added them all back in and the problem went away.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll give that a try today before those shows play again this week.

When you say the shows fail to record - do they simply ‘not show up’ in the Recordings screen, despite being scheduled to record? Or are they showing up as failed recordings with error messages like ‘Failed to record due to weak signal’?

We’ve had this as well. My wife has a bunch of her cop shows and stuff scheduled. The other night we missed part of Blacklist because it failed to record. It wasn’t MARKED to record in the guide. But when I logged into my.tablo… on my computer and looked at Scheduled, it was still there with “Record New” and it was definitely a new episode.
She’s been tracking down her scheduled stuff, removing it from the schedule and then adding it back in again.

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They simply failed to show up in the recordings screen despite being scheduled to record.
I am trying the suggestion of a previous response about re-scanning channels , then I deleted all shows scheduled for recording then rescheduled the shows to record. Several are scheduled for tomorrow so we’ll see if that helps So I will see how they respond this week to recording. I’ll update on Wednesday.

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I have same problem with some shows not recording. last night NCIS Los Angelos and NCIS New Orleans (both new) and scheduled to record new only, did not record. Other shows (like 60 Minutes) did record.

I just rescanned and then went through all scheduled shows, toggled to remove schedule, then toggled back to record new only.

I’ll report back if this helped

As the originator of this thread, my problem has been resolved.
I did a ReScan of the channels as suggested by one of early respondents. Then deleted my shows and then added them back and set them to Record. I have been through a full schedule cycle and all my problem shows started recording correctly.

Apparently toggling off then back to record alone (without re-scan) does not allow capture of record request on the repacked channel.